How to Make a Fool of Yourself

There  are many ways one can make a fool of themselves.  The easiest, and most ‘popular’  is to talk with ‘authority’ about what you don’t know.

As an example I am going to deal with a huge debate that began raging when Star Trek Discovery was aired.

There are those who watched The Original Series, (TOS) when it was first released in 1966.

Those who caught up during the 1970s reruns.

There were those who went to every movie, then, in 1987 watched Star Trek, The Next Generation, (TNG) Deep Space Nine (DS9) in 1993, etc.

There are those who have run out to get every epi of every Star Trek and watch and rewatch.

Those who have a lot of Star Trek in their DNA, watched Star Trek, Discovery, (STD) which premiered in September 2017, who were extremely upset.

There was a lot of that show which did not match what is called Star Trek canon.    From the appearance of the Klingons, to the behaviour of the crew, to the focus of the episodes; it was NOT Star Trek.

Those who had very little connection to Star Trek, liked it.

Let me make a point here;  if you never tasted pizza before, and I served you cheddar cheese melted on a flat bread with ketchup, and said it was pizza you might like it.

But it is NOT pizza.

Star Trek has particular parameters, how alien species appear, how the crew interacts, the missions, etc.

Seth McFarlane created “The Orville”,  which although it looks like Trek and is more Trek than Season 1 of Discovery, is NOT hyped as Star Trek.   Hence, it not being Star Trek,  The Orville can pretty much do what it wants.   There can be any kind of aliens on the Orville and the ship can be on any kind of mission.

Take the James Bond series.

We all know that when he introduces himself he says, “Bond, James Bond.” in a certain way, and wants his martinis ‘shaken not stirred’.    For someone to say; “My name’s Jimmy Bond” and to order a “daiquiri” is ‘not right’.

To create a spy series which looks like a James Bond episode but calls itself,   “The Spy”, and no one i called James Bond, allow the creators to do whatever they want.   To claim to be part of the Bond series, No.

STD  was presented as Star Trek; but a lot of it was not anything like Star Trek.

A ‘war’ began on social media between the Trekkers and the Newbies.

The Trekkers were angry about the deviation from ‘canon’, the Newbies justified everything they could, and attacked the Trekkers.

Then Season 2 began.

All the problems of Season 1 of Discovery, as indicated by the Trekkers,  was being addressed.

Captain Pike, (the original Enterprise Captain) was introduced and took over the ship Discovery.  The relationship between the characters warmed, and a new character who brought humour came in as a chief engineer.

The appearance of Klingons began to morph to what is expected.

It is clear the producers/writers heard the Trekkers and so rethought  and reworked and presented a show that is fitting into expectations.

Now where does this leave the Newbies?

Are they stepping back and recognising where they were wrong? Are they grasping the fact that there is ‘canon’ and that Season 1 stepped so far from it that it was not Trek?


I use this non-political example to expose basic facts; that is, in every aspect, from a business to politics, to television programs, there is a ‘back room’ in which those ‘in charge’ meet behind closed doors.

Unless you are behind those closed doors you can only know what is publicly stated.  Why Discovery was the way it was is unknown.

We do know that those in charge of the show were fired and a new person was appointed.

And the show has been moving back to canon.

To continue to defend what has been changed makes the Newbies look very foolish.


What do you think?


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