How She Plays It – 4

Anton hit the bar that night, trying to figure out how and why Poison Candy came into his environment.  He’d lost his wife, his home, his job, his city, everything, because of a pointless affair with … her.

And now, she was here.  

The way she’d looked at him and spoken left no doubt that she was not here to be with him.  So why was she here?

He had an impression…but couldn’t be certain.  

Better to let it all fester until he could prove what he thought.

The next morning, at work, door locked, and using his nasty old computer hacking techniques, the kind he’d used in college, he brought up Candace Varga’s records.

Although things weren’t spelled out, it seemed there had been some ‘staff conflict’.   And he had a feeling what that entailed. 


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Written by jaylar

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