How She Plays It – 2

Anton had the same job in the new city he’d had in the Old.  Only in this city he lived in a cheap furnished studio, not his own house.  In this city he had no family.  He had no family.  In this city all he had were  a few co-workers.

He shared nothing about himself with them, rarely attending  office functions, leaving early.  Occasionally he’d see his co-workers at lunch, or a bar after work.   He’d greet them, exchange words, but never let them close.

He filled  his days following sports, reading, playing games on line,  going to a movie now and then, maybe a cultural presentation.

He lived as if he’d died at the divorce.

He kept telling himself to try to make a new life, but he didn’t really want one. He wanted his old life back.  

His old life, before Poison Candy.


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Written by jaylar


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