How She Plays It – 18

When Anton entered the office on  Monday morning, everyone was giving Candy  cold shoulders.

He later learned that David and his wife had really gone for a week’s vacation.  Lots of digs were passed in Candy’s hearing.

A number of other married men were walking about with a fearful look.  Avoiding Candy as if she was the plague. Some of the younger unmarried men were wondering if she was available to them, talking loud and obviously for Candy’s ears.

Anton behaved oblivious, working as if he were unaware of what was happening.

Just before lunch, suddenly, Candy appeared beside him.  She  came with a big smile and a cup cake.   He loved cup cakes.

As she offered, with his  face flat, aware all eyes upon him,  “I don’t like cupcakes…”  he sneered and rose, and without a glance back, walked out of the office.


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Written by jaylar

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