Giving it Time – 8

Mike was dazzled.  Here was a woman who shared his interests, who was uncomplicated. There were no secret corners, no digging into every word he said or move he made.

They spent hours talking about the game, the food, various little things which made them smile and laugh.

Mike couldn’t recall being so unstressed and without thinking  asked Emily what she was doing tomorrow.

“I’m going to the matinee showing of…”  and she named a movie with one of his favourite stars.  

“Why matinee?”  he asked.

“It is much nicer to be in a theatre where there is no tension, full of friends not being on their (and she made finger quotes) best behaviour.”

“I don’t think I have ever been to a matinee.”

“Ah, you are missing the essence of going to a movie… will you come?”

“Are you asking me out?”  Mike joked.

“No, I’m asking you if you’ll meet me at the Globe at 1:30 so that we can get good seats and pop corn, and y’know, just enjoy the show.”

“I’ll go you one better, I’ll pick you up at about 1:10 okay?”

“Okay!”  she smiled.


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Written by jaylar

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