Giving it Time – 3

The more Emily saw of Mike McGregor, the more she liked him.   She and the members of her group.  

He listened, he was helpful, he was friendly and bright.  He often saw something in case that others might miss or didn’t know how to present. All of Emily’s batch wanted to work with him.  

One evening, on her way home, she saw McGregor with his arm around Lily Coran, the paralegal everyone disliked.

She  wasn’t just snippy and contemptuous of the newbies, she talked to most people with a kind of superior snarl save the Seniors.

It surprised Emily that Mike would be attracted to someone like Lily.   Yes, she was very pretty but her pretty was only on the outside.  

Lily seemed to resent the fact that the others were lawyers and she was not, although she ‘knew’ more than everyone else.

Emily didn’t betray what she had seen.

She felt it was only a matter of time before McGregor saw through Lily Coran.


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Written by jaylar

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