Giving it Time – 22

Mike was confused.  He’d gone to the match last week with Emily and they’d had a great time, and she left his car with a smile.  No hug, kiss, anything.They’d gone to the Matinee on Saturday and then to eat, and there was nothing physical.

They went to a Hotel on Sunday and stayed until Monday evening, and although they shared a room, they didn’t share a bed.

He found her attractive, he knew he was attractive.  Never before had he ever been with a woman where there was no physical.

With Lily, the first date ended in his bed.  Often she slept in his flat or he slept in her’s.   There was a lot of sex, but very little connection above the neck.

With Emily it was all mind and heart…

Mike had gone into pause so long that when he saw the time there was only had a few minutes to get to his car and collect Emily and drive to the game.


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Written by jaylar


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