Giving it Time – 18

When Fabian Brenner had gone off in his snit, Mike turned to Jordon;

 “Get us copies of those authorities… we’re gonna work through lunch… I’ll order out… and nothing distracts us…”

When Jordon left, Mike looked at Emily.   He wanted to say something.  Emily looked at him;  

“We are going to win this case so sweetly…”

He paused, not knowing what to say.  Dropping her eyes, looking at a document, she said;

 “I had examined the Dorchester matter and I think we can distinguish it….”

As she was speaking Lily pushed in as if she had some right, then stood as if studying a crime scene.  Emily didn’t cease,  didn’t look up,  continued her discourse on the Dorchester matter.

Mike looked at Lily and she pulled out of the room.


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Written by jaylar

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