Give it Time – 79

Mike and Emily  met at  Cafe Blue and spoke light and easy.

Mike admitted he’d have to find a new place to live as the Firm paid a portion of his rent and he couldn’t afford it without the subsidy, especially considering the lower wage he would get at the Agency.

“I know a place; two bedrooms two bathrooms, shared space…”

“What do I need two bedrooms for?”

“You only get one…” and she smiled.

“Where is this place?”

“I’ll show you…” she replied.

He wasn’t totally surprised that she directed him  to her address.  He was surprised by the quality of the accommodations.

She explained that the flat was owned by her aunt who had lived here with her uncle.  When the uncle died the aunt moved in with her son and was renting out the flat.

When Emily began Law School, her aunt gave her the flat and when she began to work, she paid a small rental.


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Written by jaylar

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