Give it Time – 75

Sitting at Cafe Blue, Mike reflected on what he experienced when he first joined the Firm.  He admitted to Emily,  with  shame,  that  it took  him so long to realise what she did at the start.

He was going into particulars and she interrupted;  

“That’s the past, Mike, You went through it.   Now you never go through it again.”

“How did you catch it so early?”  he asked.

He asked the question that had been gnawing at him all day.

Emily replied;

“They told me they needed me to stay late to work on the Jervis matter. I went on the computer and what did I see?  All the documents for that matter had been done a month ago.  I realised it was a scam so told them I couldn’t, and left at five.”

“I should of…”

“And moving right along…” Emily sang.

Again Mike realised that Emily lived in the ‘now’.  She always had.  She didn’t care about the past.  There was no sense in him whining about it.


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Written by jaylar

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