Give it Time – 74

Mike left the office at three forty  without a word to anyone.   He  had spent the day going over the tricks and treachery practised by the Firm.   

He arrived at Cafe Blue, saw Emily standing by the rail. Without thinking he raced over, 

 hugged her, kissed her on the cheek; “You look great!” he exclaimed.

She did.  

Gone were the dull suits and pulled back hair, come were the sharp outfits, styled hair and touch of make up. Further, she seemed bubbling with excitement.

They went to a table,  sat, Mike asking Emily about her new job.  He could tell, just from her expression and tone of voice that she  was happy, certain that leaving the firm had been the right decision.    She went into some details of cases she was involved in and he almost felt jealous.

They ordered coffee and pastries, and he revealed what had captured his mind that morning, the  overtime/weekend  ‘slavery’ that the Firm had inflicted on him during the first year of his employment.   

Emily had picked up on the deception within her first week.


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Written by jaylar

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