Give It Time – 59

In the morning, when Emily woke, Mike wasn’t in the room.  Emily used the bathroom, put on her usual sea bath gear, and went down.

Emily had never defined their relationship, never set limits or protocols.  She never mapped out how she would react if Mike did this or that.   The kind of registration that others tended to enact was foreign to her being.

She was here now, so would take advantage of the benefits of the hotel.  Whatever road Mike took would not damage now.

Emily did her usual forty minute swim, then rinsed off and came to the veranda and took her breakfast.

She didn’t see Mike, didn’t look for him.  Her eyes had gently passed over the guests and then she focused on the waffles she had taken.  

She drank her coffee, then went to a chaise lounge to soak up the sun.

“Had your breakfast?” came Mike’s voice.

She opened her eyes and smiled, “Yes, I chose waffles today.”


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Written by jaylar

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