Give it Time – 43

When Mike entered the office and saw Emily, gave her a great smile.   She returned it.  He approached and in relation to the amusement park adventure asked;  “So you stayed for breakfast?”

“Breakfast is the high point.  The pancakes are amazing.”

“If I’d known in advance, I’d have rescheduled.”

“I should have mentioned it… but like so many of these things in my life they just blend.”

“Don’t tell me you have another amazing jaunt scheduled?”

“Hmmm… I just might,”  she smiled.

He mouthed;  “We’re playing tonight…”

” Of Course… !”  she exclaimed.

“Usual time?”  he offered.

“Yes…” she said just as she was summoned to Mr.  Galant’s office.

Mike was so proud of himself he’d pin a medal on his chest.


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Written by jaylar


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