Ghostwriter word challenge in poetic form

The Ghostwriter word challenge is to use the words travesty, distortion, gratitude, enjoyment, kindness, smart, efficient, interesting, and refreshing in a post.  Now, that’s a softball.  Here is the challenge done in poetic form.

I will never bow down to a person and call them “Your majesty.”

Putting people on a pedestal is society’s biggest travesty

Only to watch them fall is out of proportion.

This type of celebrity worship dysfunction-ally leads to distortion.

We must all look to make positive changes to our attitude.

Instead of keeping up with the Joneses, let’s live life with gratitude.

Thankfulness needs to become part of our deployment

Which will bring about much enjoyment.

Too many people are oblivious and are walking around in blindness

We must offer a helping hand by exhibiting kindness.

Not acting like Marcus Smart would be a good start.

Let’s not bungle through life like Paul Blart.

We are connected, but we must learn to be self-sufficient

So that others will have an example on how to be efficient.

Children must be protected from trafficking and molesting

Because this type of perversion should not be interesting.

Let us all unite so that the world will then be meshing

So that life can become more refreshing.


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Written by ahol888

Coolest dwarf in the world. Expert on the topic of mediocrity.


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