Getting in Too Deep – Prologue

When I worked for the company  all of us had gmail accounts in our real names.  As it was work centred,  my account was managed by my secretary.  She’d delete the “You Won!”  and “Sexy Russian Girl” and all the rest of the rubbish.

When I left the company, I kept the account for I had used the ‘draft’ section of for ‘drafts’ of short stories I wrote (under pseudonyms) and had published in various hard copy and online sites.

It was then, when I was managing my own account, I learned I had the same name of a very minor actor I never heard of.  I learned this when my email was sprinkled with posts from people I didn’t know telling me how much they loved my portrayal of ….  .

At first I thought it was a gag.

Until I did the search and found out who shared my name, and his portfolio.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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