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Five (unscheduled) Flights a Day – 32

The first ganja trips from Jamaica were organised by Herbie.   He did all the ground work, from organising the growers, to the packing, to creating the landing field, and of course, hiring the plane and pilot.

The ‘easiest’ part was to find the growers, pay for the ganja, have it packed, send some gang of bad boys to verify and move it to a ‘secure’ location.   That would be somewhere near a prospective ‘landing’ zone.

In America Herbie would hire a pilot who had his own plane, or could rent one at a reasonable rate.  Herbie needed a guy who was not worried about laws, and pay him well.

Once it was all set, the ‘landing zone’ would be selected.   This  was a field which had just been cleared and evened. The ‘landing lights were bottle torches, held by men, standing in two lines.

The pilot would see the torches, and descend.   He’d turn, and the plane would be packed with bags of ganja. Once complete, the pilot would take off, fly to America, land in a similar field, lit by hand.

The ganja would be removed from the plane by Herbie’s distributors.

Once the plane was empty, the pilot would take it to whatever hangar it came from.


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