Five (unscheduled) Flights a Day – 39

Junior was beginning to become acclimated, beginning to see a way out.

He had plans  on how to alert his people he was still alive, and would do it once he got away from Bagga.

Unfortunately for Junior, on a ‘move’ set up by Bagga, he was shot and killed.

His body was left where it fell, to be found by the police.  According to the I.D., this was Jake Turner.  

As the real Jake Turner had been killed five years ago, as everyone who had been attached to him had moved on, there was no way to confirm or deny.  

There was no next of kin, the address on the I.D. was bogus.  Those who occupied the premises claimed not to know of him and had lived there for four years.

After no one claimed the body, Junior was buried in Potter’s field as Jake Turner.


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Written by jaylar

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