Five (unscheduled) Flights a Day 34

After the first ‘clean’ flight; that is a licensed aircraft which carried legal passengers to Jamaica and legally returned,  (omitting the two illegal stops)  Herbie decided to have trusted ‘soldiers’  escort the ganja to America to ensure that if 50 bags went out, 50 bags landed and were paid for.

The ‘soldiers’ would board the flight with the ganja, fly to America.  They would meet the Distributors, ride with them to their cities and see that it all went as planned.

These men were taken in as brothers.  

Most would stay in the U.S.  They’d get American identities.

Herbie had found someone at a funeral home who could help him out.

A lot of young black men were killed every year. Herbie wanted the names of those under 16 who had been killed in the last ten, fifteen years.   In this way, there should be no social security card.  

Marshall St. Anthony Thompson, Jamaican, could become Jackson Black, American.  

It wasn’t difficult to get the birth certificate then a social security card for the new version of Jackson Black.


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