Five (unscheduled) Flights a Day – 33

Over time,  Herbie realised how much money he could save if he owned or had access to a plane and a pilot.

There were many private flights to Jamaica;  business people, celebrities;  all he needed to do was find  a pilot who flew down on a private plane, dropping off celebs or rich people who was to fly back; empty.

There had to be people who took one way trips.   A company would lose money if it let a plane languish on a runway, paying rental for a space…

Herbie went to the small airfields in Kingston, and the others near the North coast.   He wandered around, acting as if he had a private plane.

Eventually he found a pilot who was willing to work with him.  For a chunk of change,  the pilot who was arriving on a  legal flight could contact him.   Herbie would get his men moving to the field.  The pilot would fall beneath the radar and make the ganja stop.   Once loaded, the pilot would return to the path and the altitude and fly legally to America.

Once in American air space, he’d drop again, off load, then continue on to the hangar.

In this way Herbie didn’t have to pay for a plane to come to Jamaica, nor actually to leave.   What he’d pay for is the extra-curricula stops.

The pilot was happy to get money off the books.


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