Five (unscheduled) Flights a Day – 24

Bagga had, through Herbie, a link with a guy who worked at a funeral home in Bushwick.  The guy kept a list of black men, between twenty and thirty who died.   He had the name, address,  family members, date and place of birth.

Herbie was a steady customer, and had pinched him that Bagga was one of his guys.   

For a price, Bagga could get the identity of a guy who was born in a local hospital and died around the age of Junior.

Once getting the particulars Bagga had a woman he knew, who worked at the record office, pull the birth certificate, make a copy.  If there was  social security card, he could get that too.

To keep Junior, he’d have to be legal.   And this was how.


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Written by jaylar

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