Five (unscheduled) Flights a Day – 14

After stabbing the guy, grabbing his wallet, Junior  ran again. He saw a motel and had enough money to check in.

As he entered the room he tore off his clothes and went into a hot shower. There was soap, an old bar, but so what? He washed his cut, which wasn’t bad, washed his whole body.  He cut a piece of the bed sheet to use as a bandage.

He rinsed his underwear, hung it up, and lay down on the bed, and slept for ten hours.

He was woken by the Clerk telling him his time was up and he had to leave or pay another day.

Junior took fifteen minutes to get out of the room.

When he left the motel he went to have a meal at a diner.

He saw a sign; “Dish Washer Wanted”, and asked about the job.  He used the name and social security number of one of the men he’d robbed.

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