Five (unscheduled) Flights a Day – 10

Junior didn’t know it when he arrived, but began to realise it as time passed.

Men who went up to the U.S. as he did, unless they had strong contacts wound up in the same kind of slavery that Junior was experiencing.

Men  would be dumped into some apartment somewhere or some old house, given nothing but food, and expected to risk their lives selling marijuana on the streets.

Some were sent into territory ‘owned’ by a rival so would be killed or beaten, and their ganja taken.

Some were picked up by the police and because they had no identity would be tossed into a jail until they could find their nation and deport them.

Those who arrived before the United States Government pressured Jamaica into making  fingerprints mandatory for a Voter’s card, unless they had a record, would remain ghosts.  

They couldn’t be deported to a country they might not have come from.

Those who had criminal records could be identified and returned to sender.


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Written by jaylar

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