Declaration of Independence

I just thought I did the word constitution why not try another historical document.

D is for dedicated,

E is for energy,

C is for constituents,

L is for law,

A is for American,

R is for reasons for living,

A is for allegiance,

T is for taxes sought and paid,

I is for intuition,

O is for opportunities sought,

N is for noteworthy,


I is for independence,

N is for notwithstanding others feelings,

D is for directness of others,

E is for educating,

P is for people,

E is for exercising rights,

N is for notes given for various entities,

D is for diversity,

E is for excitement felt towards,

N is for night time thoughts and plans,

C is for compassion,

E is for elicit religious and political thoughts.

    Still not really sure of this one.


What do you think?

Written by 1Mark