Dead Love -7

Elizabeth’s mother said;

“I don’t think you should go to the funeral.   I think you should imagine him as he was, and imagine he’s in some other city and you’ll see him again.”

Elizabeth did not want to go to Jeff’s funeral. She felt she would start to scream and wouldn’t be able to stop, or throw herself in the grave.

She agreed with her mother.  She would act as if Jeff wasn’t really gone.

By the time the school term began in September, Elizabeth was functional but  ‘different’.   There were tiny bits of the old Bethy, but most of her was made up by an emotionless, quiet woman; a ‘Spock’.

She  had no humour, no time;  it was all school work.   No social life, didn’t even listen to the Match on the radio.

Elizabeth had changed


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Written by jaylar


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