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There are those who deal with logic and facts and uncover truth.  They have no difficulty in admitting that their government lies.  

The majority, however, refusing to believe this, consciously, make themselves available to any ‘conspiracy theory’ that is expounded.  In this way, they recognise that their government lies, but are not ‘guilty’ of admitting it.

For example, a vaccine was created, called the MMR which prevented the transmission of measles, mumps and rubella.   Measles can cause death.

There should be no deaths from measles if the vaccination is taken.

This group, which refuses to recognise that their government lies,  will be swallowed by a conspiracy theory that the MMR causes autism   

There is no evidence of this.

Yet, people believe that vaccines are dangerous and so do not have their children inoculated so that they can sicken and die from measles.

Those who deal with logic, facts, have no difficulty in recognising their government lies, and doing their own research, know that the MMR vaccination does not cause autism.  Those who need to delude themselves that their government does not lie will accept the ‘danger’ of the MMR because they can not face the truth.


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  1. The main problem with not giving MMR to children is that “herd immunity” is lost because there will be enough measles (etc) cases around for the disease to be beyond the point of control. There is a lower age limit for giving MMR, and so children who should have had MMR but have not had it are going to put younger children at much greater risk than they would otherwise be.

    • Children are not getting the shots because their parents believe in this conspiracy. Recently, there have been a nice slice of deaths in various communities, because of measles.

      The first law suit launched against parents for putting a child at risk should end the problem.

      Or, children should not be allowed to associate with others unless vacinnated.

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