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Cutting the Cords – Pamela – 9

During the early years of the marriage Pam felt Tim was with her because she had the money.   As soon as he had his own, he spent it on other women.

Tammy seemed to be her Daddy’s daughter.  Interested in money.  

Pam looked at the phone.   

Last year she’d made a party for Tammy.  A really nice one.  This year?  Did her father even buy her a cupcake?  Yet, Tammy didn’t seem to care about anything except her Daddy.

Okay.  There was no sense in Pam making herself unhappy.  She was here, free, on her own, able to start a new life without leaving anything behind.  

Tammy wasn’t interested in her.  That was clear. Any idea of abandonment had to be tossed in the rubbish.  

Repeat it; say it outloud; It didn’t traumatise Tammy that Daddy   left  her alone on her Birthday.   Obviously it happened all the time.   Tammy wanted to be with Daddy.   Tammy was with Daddy.

Thinking of those who had complicated divorces, Pam realised was blessed.

She was out of conflict, had nothing to worry about.  Tammy wanted her Daddy and Tammy got her Daddy.


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Written by jaylar

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