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Cutting the Cords – Pamela- 3

Confused,  upset, Pam spoke to a friend, a lawyer named Hannah.   

Pam went over the past  eight years of Tammy’s life.  She spoke of having to put Tammy in a creche at the age of two because her beloved Daddy had left her alone in the house while he went to visit friends. 

Pam explained how it was she who took Tammy shopping four times  a year,  paid the school fees, bought the books, and took Tammy  everywhere.

Hannah listened, supplied tissues, then told her;

“Pam, you are thirty years old, you have your whole life.  You’ve got a good job, you can leave Tim, get your own place, and start over.”

Hannah waited a moment, then said;

“You are not staying for ‘the sake of the child’  when it seems clear, from what you told me, that Tammy prefers her father and wouldn’t mind if you left.  What I would do is claim for ‘joint custody’ but let Tammy stay with Tim.   Either she’ll realise that you were the main provider and want to come with you, or not.”

Pam listened, agreed, however, she would  wait a time before lodging the divorce. Not that things would work out for her and Tim, but that maybe Tammy would want to be with her.


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Written by jaylar

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