Cutting the Cords – Mark – 2

After the phone call with his first ex-wife, Mark went into one of those deep funks which became more common as the years passed.

He should of…

He shouldn’t of…

on and on in a constantly cycle although he really didn’t feel remorse.    Maybe was supposed to feel remorse…..

Mark felt a scientist, who has tried various chemical compounds and considered what he ought have used or how much…

He left a few days pass, then  emailed Leah, trying to ascertain if there was some conflict between her and their sons.   She responded quickly and  went into a long dissertation of all the encounters over the past forty years. 

She ended with:

“It was nearly twenty years ago when I decided I had just as much right to live a happy life as anyone else.  So, I forgot about them.”

This shocked Mark.

But as he sat there, confused and unable to comprehend why his sons would lose an inheritance to ‘fix him’, had him examine Leah’s words.


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Written by jaylar

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