Cutting the Cords – Herbert – 7

When the ship docked, Herbert and Jeff departed in the First batch,  Judy and Steve in another.

Herbert and his son were staying at a top rate Hotel, Judy  and Steve at a mid level.

Herbert thought it  was time  to sit down and have a deep talk with his son, but Jeff wasn’t into it. He raced out of the hotel,  apparently,  to be with Steve.  

Herbert didn’t mind, he wanted to be with Judy.

He phoned her.   

As she knew where Steve went, they selected a venue a distance away.

While Jeff and Steve continued their relationship, he and Judy resumed their own.

It was the happiest time of Herbert’s life.    He had no stress,  and was falling in love with Judy.

In a way, it was odd.   

Jeff’s attempt to ignore and isolate his father meant that his father could spend time with Judy.


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Written by jaylar

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