Cutting the Cords – (Herbert) – 17

Jeff’s behaviour devastated Steve, but Herbert relished it.  

After the wedding ceremony, Judy was upset at Jeff’s behaviour.  Herbert didn’t defend Jeff. He told Judy how he had sold everything, cut Jeff to nothing, and planned on being unavailable.

“No one who was at to our wedding will ever condemn me for cutting Jeff out of our lives.”

Judy nodded, but was still a bit distressed.

“We can live as we choose without Jeff pushing in, or  Steve, being  caught in the middle of what would be a major drama.”

And then quietly;

“Judy, it wasn’t until I met you and Steve, that I saw Jeff for what he was, what he is.   Although Steve is hurt, he is blessed to be out of the ambit of a predator like my son.”

Judy looked at him, a bit surprised at the honesty,


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