Cutting the Cords – Fiona – 5 – End

Although no one who understood addiction would have blamed Fiona for calling the police and having Craig locked up; or simply locking him out, or moving without leaving an address, she couldn’t do it.

She couldn’t relinquish her ‘duty’ as a mother.

Now, in prison, she could not perform her duty.  

She knew, as she attended counselling and spoke to other inmates, that she should have packed up and left Craig when he was eighteen.  He was an adult and should have been forced to stand on his own two feet.

But she had never forced him to stand on his own two feet.   Now, he would have to.

She might not have had the courage or strength to cut the cords; government did it for her.  And whatever happened to him, was not her fault.



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Written by jaylar

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