Cutting the Cords – 21

When Jeffery reached home he was stunned by what his father had done.   Daddy had sold the mansion and his business.   All Jeffery had was a nondescript little house and a monthly allotment equal to what he usually spent on a weekend.

Angry, he went to the lawyer and shouted and threatened, and the lawyer yawned.  

“You’ve made enough of a fool of yourself already, I’m not interested.” And after a pause;  “I want you out, or I will call security.”

Jeff had no handle, he left.

He tried to call his father, tried to call Steve, but no one took his calls.  He would fly back to Hawaii but didn’t have the money, and his father had checked out of the Hotel.

Jeff felt he was going mad.  His life was over, he had no one, nothing, for his ‘boyfriend’ had dumped him when they reached the city.


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Written by jaylar

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