Cutting the Cords – 20

Judy and Herbert let two days pass, then saying good bye to Steve, booked a cruise to Tahiti.

As Hawaii sank in the horizon,  Herbert tossed his cell phone in the sea.

He imagined that when Jeffery found out that the family home had been sold, that the business had been sold, that his father no longer lived in that state and all he would ever get was a small house and just enough money to survive, he’d jump  on the phone or fly back to Hawaii.

But Judy and Herbert wouldn’t be there.

Judy had warned Steve about the possibilities of Jeff’s arrival, telling him;  

“You won’t have to lie, because I won’t tell you where I’m going.  I’ll call you when I get there.”

Steve had replied; “Mom, I will never speak to Jeff again.  I will never get over how he humiliated me!”


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Written by jaylar

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