Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 6

Jade’s morning boast about how much money she made a week, was not a one off.  

If I made myself available;  standing on the veranda or in the garden, Jade might start a litany of boasts from  where she had lived, to her great accomplishments and how much money she was used to.

I say ‘might’ because she could also give me the ‘silent treatment’  (which I actually preferred).

If you ever met someone of a particular class, (which Jade claims to belong to) they don’t walk around like a hunch back.  They don’t speak in a certain tone, as if they are selling mackrel in the market.  And their vocabulary is expansive, considering they usually attended good schools.

Spending ten minutes with Jade you knew she was no one from no where.

For example, when I spoke randomly of some food I’d bought she’d say; “Oh that’s expensive!”

It wasn’t.  It was a common product, a standard price.  But she couldn’t afford it.

I didn’t have much money, but buying a few tins of tuna fish was not lavish.    She called one tin ‘expensive’.


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