Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 57 (End)

My time was up,  almost everyone I worked with was at the airport saying good bye.  It was a lot of crying and I could barely see my seat when I boarded the plane.

I sat, wiped my eyes,  buckled my belt and as the plane taxied on the run way  I excreted my last thoughts of Jade.  

There was a repulsive human being who at 2 a.m. could blast a radio  or shout at her cats, knowing my bedroom was just a few feet away.

There was a creature, so inconsiderate that she could jam her junk into every space to make me as uncomfortable as possible.  A woman who could lie  and try to provoke me.  Yet, I could keep my face blank, thinking of flowers.

Those nine months I spent in that city, those eight months living in that flat with Jade, taught me  that I controlled my responses.   And once I activate my ‘contempt button’, nothing  could penetrate my peace.

I controlled my responses, my outlook.  

I returned home a better person than I had been.



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Written by jaylar

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