Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 49

In the presence of Jade, I relished myself.   I knew who I was, where I belonged and had a real future. I didn’t need to lie or invent or pretend or surround myself with cats to prove I existed.

I lived, I mattered, I had family and friends and a job.

Jade had none of these things.

She reminded me of  an old woman from my childhood.

That Crazy Cat Lady was ignored by everyone and she ignored them back.  

We’d see her cats all over the place and sometimes hear her calling one;  “Sugarplum!  Oh Sugarplum!”  in this sugary false voice.

Meeting Jade,  that image was reborn in a somewhat younger version.  But it was clear I had met Jade’s future self in the past.

I wondered if the Old Crazy Cat Lady told as many lies as Jade did.


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Written by jaylar

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