Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 47

I can’t deny that from the day I met Jade I had a strong desire to move.  The problem was that I couldn’t find a comparable place.

Some were more expensive. Some were distant, meaning I’d have to pay for transportation.   Many had rules against smoking.  Some of the places I checked were in crowded noisy areas.

All I wanted was a room and bath where I could relax, smoke a cigarette, think.

To have to leave the flat and go outside to smoke was an anathema.  To hear kids screaming, cars thundering by, made this horrible little corner of hell liveable.

Of course, that and the fact that nothing Jade could do really bothered me.

My friends couldn’t understand it.

“If I had to live with six cats I would…”

“If my housemate was a hoarder I’d….”

And of course; “How do you Manage?”


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Written by jaylar

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