Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 45

At first thought it was the ‘Jade Effect’  which made the landlady loud and erratic.  Then, looking back, I realised, she  always was that way.

As I had a life, a lot of what happened at the address where I lived (term used loosely)  got as much attention as a T.V. commercial.

I spent so much time at work, on projects, going to events, from sports to theatre that at the time, the events I describe were so minor, I didn’t even think of them.

Sure I noticed the loss of my ‘shared space’ so dropped my rent.  It didn’t matter much.   The only friends who came to my place had been there to view Jade as one would an exhibit.  

Thinking over the months I lived there I realised that the landlady was not exactly a victim.  She had tended to focus her animosity on Jade, who played her, leaving very little for me.

I recalled once, when I went to pay my rent she began to babble something about changing the date of my month to month rental. Instead of starting on the 10th, it would be due on the 1st.

The way she announced it,  trying to cheat me of over a week’s tenancy,  had me putting the money back in my pocket and going to step off.

Realising I wasn’t going to argue with her,  she instantly called to me, quickly handed me the proper receipt and  I paid over my rent.

 The trick she tried to pull on me seemed to suggest she deserved Jade.  She deserved a tenant who ripped her off.


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