Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 34

Having done my ‘research’  on Narcissism, I was more able to deal with, and actually manipulate Jade.

She was ignoring me now. Being put ‘on silent’  was certainly not a problem for me.  I had nothing to say to her nor was there anything I wanted to hear.

If she spoke at me, it was either attacking the landlady or making boasting lies.

Besides her claim of once being a contestant in Miss World, Jade’s second best lie was  running a restaurant which was frequented by ‘Sultans’ from  ‘Dubai’.

Number 8 on the Narcissist list.

Incapable of running a lemonade stand, she actually thought this lie could be accepted.

Pulling her tongue, I asked  what she served.  She listed a number of dishes, focusing on Pork dishes.

I had her elaborate on these ‘famous’ dishes she made, insuring that her Dubai Sultans would have been fully aware they were entering a restaurant that clearly served Pork.

Didn’t Jade know Muslims didn’t eat pork?


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Written by jaylar

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