Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 29

My psychologist friend explained the intricacies of an ‘introverted narcissist’.   Unlike the standard extrovert with his ‘look at me!’  braggadocio,  Jade was contained, with her silent fantasy world.   Her unspoken decrees and need to ‘effortlessly’ enforce ‘her will’.

I was told that anything I suggest, Jade would do the opposite.     As  the ‘introverted narcissist’  it always had to be her way, her decision.   It didn’t matter if one repeated a statement she had made, Jade would become hard and cold and select the opposite.

What amazed me so much is that where I was in my room when I wasn’t at work she  ‘lived’ on the veranda.  if she wasn’t in her bed or cooking she was seated on the veranda, unmoving.

 I had to pass her on my way in or out. If I tarried, she would either start a babble or pointedly ignore me.

Her stupid boasts aside,  she had not lived with anyone for decades.  It is simple; if you live with people, you don’t let a kettle whistle more than a few seconds.  You don’t load  rooms with junk to make others find walking difficult.  You don’t sit on a veranda blasting a radio or watching anime in the middle of the night.

I’m sure Jade had spent these past twenty plus years alone in her fantasy world.  I think the only time she was with people was if she could sucker them into giving her a crash space.   Then, they would throw her out.   The landlady made the error of ‘renting’ her a room, meaning she was a ‘tenant’, and couldn’t just be flung into the street.

Jade’s only ‘family’ were her  cats.   As a woman who would never marry, never bear children,  she had invested all the love and care she might possess in them.  

I’m sure if she collapsed on the floor, they’d eat her.


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