Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 27

I stood smoking on the veranda where   Jade ‘lived’.  She was always on the veranda outside of my door.  She’d be sprawled on this double seat in the corner.

Whether 4 am or  4 pm,  rain or dry,  Jade was  there.

Sometimes I considered her the ‘watch dog’  who sat outside my door as ‘protection’.

Although the sounds of stupid cartoon she continuously watched were irritating, in a way I felt ‘safe’.   If anyone tried to break in, well, there was my ‘watch dog.’

I had come out of my ‘sanctuary’  and had just lit up when Jade  started her boasting babble.    She didn’t have the money to pay her rent, but was yammering about a car she was renting.  I think she forgot that two months ago she had told me she was picking up a car on ‘Thursday’.  

More to shut her up than actually say anything, I did, as my Psychologist friend had previously suggested; put forward a laudatory statement about another,  to see how she would respond.

I claimed to have met a runner up in the Miss World pageant.   The words were scarcely beyond my teeth when Jade claimed to have been a contestant.


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