Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 21

Jade, repeatedly, has told me and probably everyone else, how her parent’s house burnt down.

Obviously, she didn’t live there.

 She never said; “My house…”  (although that is what the landlady thought) for it wasn’t.  

I learned from some one who vaguely knew of Jade that her parents had tossed her out when she was in High School and had nothing to do with her, as did the rest of her relatives.

I had assumed as much.

The reason Jade got the other room in this house was that she met the house owner somewhere, gave her a sad story about the house burning down and having no where to go,  was rented the room.

When she moved in her junk I thought she was capturing the space unknown to the landlady.  Then I learned she had permission to take away my ‘shared space’.

From the first days, considering her behaviour, it was evident, at least to me,  Jade was flung out of wherever she had been living and was using this tragedy of the fire at a house she didn’t live in, to get pity. To get pity and run her scam.

For despite her Boasts, Jade had no money,  didn’t pay rent, she couldn’t.  


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Written by jaylar

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