Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 15

The next day, Jade claimed she had to be at work at ten a.m.    I had particular documents to deal with and doing them at ‘home’ (if this place could gain that term)  was more efficient, (I could smoke, eat, play music,  relax my mind)  I wasn’t planning to leave until past that.

I began ‘work’ at about eight, took my time.  It was  about forty minutes past ten when I came onto the veranda. Jade was sprawled there as she usually was.   I pressed my lips together not to laugh.  

Ten a.m.?

I went to the office, did what I needed,  and on the way back,   stopped into a nearby shop which was having a sale.  The prices were unbelievably low and I picked up a few things.

I returned to the flat about half past four, and Jade (who had claimed she needed to be at work at ten) was still on the veranda.

As I saw her, to cover my surprise, I told her about the sale, even showed her the items.

“I can’t go today, I  have to go to work…”  she said.

I made no reply,  went into my room.

Jade never left the flat that day. Clearly, she had no job, and no money.


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    • The site demands a picture of a certain size for every article so I search around and find something that kind of matches. The Crazy Boasting Cat Lady is about 40, will never marry and has cats for friends and children.

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