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I was a child of the seventies and early eighties and there were computer games, but you had to have an Atari, Sega, etc. to play or go to an arcade. Today you have to have xBox or a computer and there they are to play it seems forever.  I really was not a video game player and I am still not one, so here is a wordplay poem on computer games. There are a few games out there that I like to do like the simulation games when you can build things or put yourself into professions like doctors or detectives or solving a mystery type games. So, I guess computer games are not all bad.

C is for combative

O is for oppressive

M is for murder

P is for personal attitudes

U is for unbelievable at times

T is for trouble-making

E is for extreme

R is for rousing bad attitudes

G is for gambling on life and death

A is for allowing them

M is for mature, not really

E is for events of a kind

S is for samples of life in a way.


What do you think?


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