Collapse of the BBC World Service

Sometime ago I wrote about the decline of the BBC World Service.   I described  how it had tumbled from the most prestigious to the least. 

This is due to extreme budget cuts which prevent the BBC from having a staff to report news.  To cover up this lack is to tape five minutes of news obtained from other sources, which it will run over and again every hour.  A two shard of that  tape will be played every half hour.

Yup!  the BBC-WS Reruns NEWS!  

The same 5 minutes of ‘News’  the BBC- WS broadcast at Noon (EST) is Re-Run by the BBC-WS at 1 p.m.!

Further; I don’t know about your country, but it isn’t easy to squash all the news of my country into five minutes;  how can the BBC get the World’s News into  five minutes?  Further…What does the BBC WS do for 43 minutes? 

If you turn to the BBC-WS  you will find that it fills the day with pointless Blah Blah it runs over and over again day after day.  This blah blah consists of so-called interviews, “information”,  nothing of any value.   Nothing yuo can repeat.

Further many  broadcasts, often interviews,  were originally taped years ago.  

The most blatant proof of this came on January 6th.

All over the world,  the events taking place in Washington D.C., knocked other programs off the air.  Not the BBC!  

At the time of the riot, (about 1 p.m. GMT) the BBC was rerunning the news it had broadcast an hour ago.  

I had the BBC on radio,  while listening to a news service which was giving me a minute by minute live update. 

The BBC, rerunning the 12:00 p.m. ‘news’  had no idea anything was happening.   In fact, after the News it returned to the rerun of a Book Review!

Okay, about ten minutes later the Book Review was  interrupted to report on the events taking place in Washington, D.C.  

Long after other news stations, be they in China or Costa Rica began to report on the riots in D.C. the BBC took its hesitant steps;  proving to any ear that the BBC was no place to attempt to get News.  



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