Can't Make it Right – 29

Mary knew what happened to her children.  Their father.   It was Eric’s fault, although she wouldn’t dare speak it.

She had lived with Eric for fifty years. She knew his life ended when David their first born,  died.   David was everything to Eric.  

All Eric’s dreams died with David.

Mary knew Eric saw Steven a disappointment, and wished he would have died instead of David.

For Eric, their daughter, Maggie,  was just a sauce on a meal.   Maggie knew it, and over the years, Eric’s behaviour had confirmed it.

If Eric had ever made Steven or Maggie feel loved, then neither would suffer such sad lives.

Steven had long since slipped into his sense of inferiority and self-sabotage. Maggie went day to day, filling time and space and playing a role.


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Written by jaylar

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