Can't Make it Right – 17

Maggie, for her part, kept up a front of perfection. In truth she was not that sweet wonderful woman those that didn’t really know her believed.

Having grown up under the shadow of David, being consigned to the side because she was a girl, there was resentment boiling beneath the surface.

She had married an acceptable man to please her father, although the man didn’t please her.  

She felt her whole life was a farce.  

To dispel these feelings, Maggie flung herself into her job, and worked for promotion as if it were important when it was a diversion.

Like Steven, she was one way in her ‘public’ persona, another when she was out of the classroom.

To know Maggie was to be exposed to a cold and angry woman who resented everyone and everything she felt was what she wasn’t;  honest, real, and happy.

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Written by jaylar

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