Can't Do Better – 4

The second checks you do to establish if a person is one of those like “Jade”  is if they have actual business/social connections.  

Are there people who want to be with that person, who invite them to functions, who have meetings with them?

In short;  does this person have an actual social life.  

I am not talking about going to a party or a club on their own, I’m talking about people who are included in other people’s lives.

People with no  social life,  who have no one who checks up on them, invites them any where,  are clearly must avoids.

Then, there is the environment.  A woman who has a house full of cats who speaks to them as if they are her children, is no doubt isolated.

Cats are independent animals which can be ‘babied’ or ignored.  Unlike dogs who are social creatures, cats, even in a group, are isolated.

Women who keep cats in lieu of friends and family,  are must avoids


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