Can't Do Better – 26

People who Can’t Do Better will insult you.  They will say things and do things so incredibly inconsiderate you must assume they are looking for a confrontation.  To react to their rudeness, their causing of inconvenience is a mistake.

This person knows exactly how s/he spoke to you, exactly what s/he did, so it was not inadvertent.   Obviously they want attention.  They want to argue with you,  they want to ‘defeat’ you.

Don’t give it to them.  Don’t let them think they can insult you.  Ignore them.  When you ignore them they will make idiots out of themselves to get your attention.

Ignore them.

Make it seem that you have no idea that they did/said something to offend you.

If you confront them, they win.  If you give them the attention they beg, they win.

This is a person who Can’t Do Better.  If you ignore them they will appreciate that such behaviour does not get them the spotlight.


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