Can't Do Better – 19

There are people, not as horrid as ‘Jade’ who have their own repulsive traits.

There are Eaves Droppers.   They always need to know what you are saying.

They could be blasting their cartoons (as Jade does)  but if they hear you talking to someone, whether on a phone or computer, they turn their noise way down so they can hear what you say.

If you go way over there to talk on the phone they’ll find reasons to come way over there.

There are Nit Pickers.   Nothing is right.  They criticise everything. No matter what you do, what they do, they will find fault with everything.   Of course, you can never criticise them.  

There are many other traits, of course, but what they all have in common is that they belong to Narcissists and other self absorbed types.

Never let them into your life.


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Written by jaylar

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